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Beta Testing & Quality Assurance

Hardware and/or software developers who wish to ensure their product is fully functional and defect-free before their product goes to market will benefit from RomNet's full service Beta Testing and Quality Assurance services.

RomNet is a unique testing facility. Our approach in testing a title is to play it; for a peripheral it is to use it; for an Internet product it is to push the limits of its functionality. RomNet's staff will not only report on software problems, but will also provide valuable feedback as to the competitive quality of a particular product. Our experience in telephone technical support ensures a watchful eye regarding "call generating" concerns, thereby lowering total support costs over the products lifecycle.

Systems for Quality Assurance

We have over 50 different hardware configurations. These configurations mirror the most common systems in the consumer marketplace today. We know the problem sound cards, the troublesome video cards, and the buggy drivers. Our testing plan is designed to ensure that your product is tested in the environment it will be used, by people who emulate the end user in your target market. Testing can be performed on all major platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux systems.

Testing Activities

1. Acquire product familiarity (study the documentation and learn the software)

2. Create a custom Beta Test Plan
3. Create a Bug Database for problem tracking

4. Install software on each machine:

- Perform Basic Functional Testing

- Ad Hoc Tests (free-form testing that relies on the creativity of the tester to create test cases)

5. Final Release Testing, including:

- Verifying completion of all Functional Tests
- Regression testing of all reported bugs

- Ensure no open bugs in the bug database

RomNet is dedicated to providing your company with the most complete Quality Assurance services at a competitive price. RomNet will discount the costs associated with Beta Testing if we are providing the support for the product after the release.

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