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Technical Helpdesk & Customer Care

RomNet has more than twelve years of experience providing technical support and customer service solutions. We have a skilled staff of professionals who are trained to become your personal representatives. Our business model for customer service is your model; designed by you, for your customers. We perform your business as though we are your employees working within the company in a seamless and transparent manner. RomNet acts as the support arm of your business without the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house support department. 

Our general capabilities include:

Technical Support / Help Desk
Software Helpdesk
Remote Corporate Helpdesk
Internet Service Providers
Computer Hardware and Peripherals
Consumer Electronics
Specialized Electronics

Customer Care
Customer Service
Registration / Enrollment
Account Maintenance
Product / Service Inquires

Beta Testing / Quality Assurance
Software Product Testing
Hardware Product Testing

Custom tailored support services for your business:

  • Dedicated Telephone, E-Mail, On-Line Chat Capabilities

  • Flexible Service Options - 24/7/365, Nights and Weekends, Overflow.

  • Advanced Telephone System Capabilities - Call Routing, Menuing, Interactive Voice Response, Messaging.

  • Customer Relationship Management System - Documents all customer incidents and resolutions. Our CRM system can be custom configured to track specific information and metrics as you determine.

  • Knowledge Base Generation - Our staff creates a compressive knowledge base of support procedures, problems
     and their resolutions.

  • Custom Reporting - Statistical and performance reporting tailored to your needs.

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